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Press Releases

  • 6/20/2012
    PrintPapa is helping America Self-Publish


    Nick Dillard
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    PRINTPAPA HELPS AMERICA SELF-PUBLISH is making the process of book printing, even easier

        Since opening in 2004, PrintPapa has been a frontrunner in the industry of Short Run Book Printing. The focus was and still is, to help DIY Authors avoid the large companies and becoming just another number. Here we are 8 years later and we've only gotten better. The addition of our new HP Indigo Presses and a brand new Horizon Perfect Binder has once again placed PrintPapa at the helm and we continue to offer our customers an ever growing level of quality printing and customer service.

    An increasing level of creativity in our customers and demand for more options has prompted PrintPapa to deliver. This month, we have introduced new sizes in Soft-Cover & Hard-Cover books and currently offer as many as 8 options total. We offer pocket sized soft cover books as small as 4.25 x 5.5,  large 8 x 10 hardcover photo album style books and everything in-between.

        Understanding that not everyone has the capability to move 2 or 3000 books on their first print, PrintPapa offers minimums of 5 books and a max of 1,000 books in our Short Run program. We provide flea market quantity with bookstore quality at very affordable prices. We work closely with our customers to ensure 100% satisfaction every time.

        PrintPapa has taken many steps towards making things as easy as possible for the Self-Publisher. Creating and publishing a book can be a daunting task, so we help with the grunt work. Things like sending the customer a Hard Copy Proof of the book that is an exact representation of the final product so you know the look and feel of your book before the main shipment.  We offer a Simple Setup service for cover and spine creation if the customer is having trouble as well as assistance with the ISBN, Bar code and sales/marketing guidance. PrintPapa also offers instant quotes via the "instant calculator" on each and every product pages. Customers can then select every detail of their book job from the size to the turnaround time and get a quote in seconds.

    For more information about Short Run Book Printing at PrintPapa, feel free to call 800.657.7181 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting FREE 800.657.7181 end_of_the_skype_highlighting or visit

  • 5/29/2012
    The end of the papa Dollar

  • The end of The Papa Dollar

    Attention customers:

    Effective Friday Jun. 1st, PrintPapa's "Papa Dollar" program will be discontinued. We are planning to replace it with a new and more beneficial program in the future. Those of you that currently still have Papa Dollars to redeem may do so. As of June 1st, no more points will be accrued upon purchase. We thank you for your continued business and strive to make your experience at PrintPapa increasingly pleasant.

  • 4/19/2012
    PrintPapa Look What's new in 2012 @

  • Look What's New in 2012 At

    Nick Dillard

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     LOOK WHAT IS NEW IN 2012 AT PRINTPAPA.COM has added new Machines & Products to their collection

    We are 4 months into this New Year and PrintPapa has been busy building. Here is a run-down of what is new, starting with the most exciting addition to our family, a second HP Indigo 3550 Digital Press. Offset quality printing, short runs and fast turnarounds are only a few of the benefits that the HP Indigo allows PrintPapa to extend to its customers. Now that they have 2, things have only gotten better.

    Moving along to the list of new machines, PrintPapa has added a Horizon Perfect Binder BQ-270 V to its arsenal. This is a highly automated Perfect Binder allowing PrintPapa to product Book Store quality soft cover books much faster and more cost effectively.

    Last, but not least, there is the Roland SOLJET XJ-740, 74 inch Wide Format Solvent Inkjet Printer. This large format printing powerhouse has allowed PrintPapa to offer a vast array of products ranging from Banners, Signs, Posters, Backlit, Canvas Products and more. We are now able to cater directly to the Trade Show industry with large format banners up to 6ft. wide, Retractable banner stands and Light boxes.

    Along with these new machines has come the means to offer new services and options. The most popular on this list being the new Plastic Super Products. now offers business cards, bookmarks, flyers and more printed on 12 mil Plastic stock along with labels on a 4 mil vinyl stock. Tear proof, water resistant & fire code compliant these new vinyl materials are ideal for a wide range of applications.

    There are also a ton of new options for old favorites, like new mailing options on brochures, stronger backing material for mounted posters and more. Prices have been lowered on many of the products such as Flyers, Business Cards, Brochures and Postcards. There are also free 2 day turnarounds available for many products. That means rush Service without the Rush Charge!!

    Last, but not least, PrintPapa is proud to announce the acquisition of its 1000th Trade Customer marking a milestone in the timeline of this young ambitious firm. 1000 Printing related Trade professionals (like Print Brokers, Graphic Designers, Ad-Agencies & other Printers) trust PrintPapa to function as their backend manufacturing partner. This is an honor that is greatly appreciated.

    For more information about what is new at, feel free to call 800.657.7181 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting FREE 800.657.7181 end_of_the_skype_highlighting or visit

  • 1/18/2012
    PrintPapa Large Format printing "Print Big"


    Nick Dillard
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    Bigger statements need bigger printing to make a bigger impact

    Being one of the most innovative firms in the printing industry is not enough for, not nearly, so we would like to introduce our new Large Format Printing services. The recent acquisition of their new Roland SOLJET PRO III XJ-740, puts at the forefront of the Large Format game. The Roland delivers up to 74 inches of 6 color printing magic as high as 1440 x 1440 dpi. 6 colors, yes, you read that correctly. The addition of Light Cyan and Light Magenta (CMYK+LcLm) to enhance blues and reds, ensures flawless flesh tones and improves image quality across lighter colors.

    Now that the technical beauty is out of the way, you might ask yourself a question. Why a large format banner instead of a normal sized banner? Well that is an excellent question. Large format projects can reach sizes of up to 6ft. tall by 50ft wide. That is a statement as tall as an adult male and over 16 yards long. We are aiding businesses big and small to make their (Grand Openings) just that much more grand & their (Huge Sales Events) to reach levels beyond huge.

    PrintPapa is offering more than just size though, PRINT BIG is about quality of both product and service, not to mention selection of materials. There is vinyl for enormous Banners, Canvas for fine art reproduction, Static cling for transparent window displays, Wall Stickers for large wall decorations and advertisements, large photograph quality paper for giant Posters as well as translucent film for beautiful Backlit displays. What does this do for our customers? Well that is easy, it gives them a way to communicate better to their customers.

    For more information about Large Format Printing and -PRINT BIG-, feel free to call 800.657.7181 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting FREE 800.657.7181 end_of_the_skype_highlighting or visit