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Remittance envelope (PID: 7134)
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Remittance envelopes are used by charities, billing agencies, schools, churches, mail order companies, and by other businesses and organizations for ordering or remittance applications. They provide a large printing surface for order blanks and other information required by the sender. The envelope comes with a large wallet flap and has side seams.


To view all the details about the envelope i.e. sizes, the enclosures, please click . Please download the correct envelope template and use that to setup your artwork.


We always print on finished envelope. This allows us to offer the lowest prices but does have some limitation when printing in full color. These are listed below:

1. Color Matching: It is very hard or sometimes impossible to match colors. For matching colors we need to be able to print a color control bar on the printed piece and then it is scanned by a spectrophotometer which checks for the color density and automatically controls the inking system on the press. Now since we are printing on a finished envelope, we do not have any space to print the color bar, and hence the ink adjustment has to be eye balled by our press operators. Now our press operators are good and usually can do a fantastic job, but due to this limitation we cannot guarantee color match with other printed stationary product like company letterheads, business cards or even previously printed samples.

2. Printing to the Edge of the Envelope or Full Bleed: Since we are printing on finished envelope, there is a margin all around which cannot be printed, very similar to your home printer. To be able to print full bleed we have to print on bigger sheets of paper and then cut down to the size.

3. Avoid Heavy Ink Coverage on the Seams: If you inspect any envelope closely you will notice that at various position of the envelopes there are multiple layers of paper. For e.g. on the seams there are 3 layers of paper and then it becomes 2 layers. Now due to this varying thickness, the press cannot lay down the ink evenly, and hence the place where there are 3 layers will be more darker then then the place where there are 2 and hence the discoloration. So try to avoid heavy ink coverage on the seams.

If your envelope needs color accuracy then please request for a custom quote or give us a call and explain us what you are looking for.


Please download our template to setup the artwork and send us a print ready PDF (font outlined & image embedded). If you are not sure on how to do it, you can check out Help section or let us design the envelope.


Regular is 5 days. For a small rush fee you can select 3, 2 and Next business Day options


Check out our No Hassle 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy.

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